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Vitamine deficiencies in children

Vitamin deficiencies in children

Vitamin deficiencies in children    Deficiency state            _         Symptoms and signs    Vitamin A deficiencies in children                        Night blindness, bitot spots...


IMMUNITY BOOSTER HERBS Booster Drink if made the right way. We show you how to make Turmeric Latte or Turmeric Milk at home the right way! This is a traditional comforting, warm, and boldly spiced...
Amebic Dysentery

Amebic Dysentery Treatment

Amebic Dysentery Amebic Dysentery shows Loose motions: 6 to 8 times, semisolid, copious, dark red in color, with mucus and blood. It has got offensive smell. Along with this the child may have low...

Management of Bronchiolitis in Pediatrics

Bronchiolitis in Pediatrics is a common respiratory tract infection below 2 years. The peak incidence is observed in children around 6 months and that months. too during winter and early spring months Causative Organisms of Bronchiolitis...

Treatment for Tonsillitis in child

Treatment of Tonsillitis in child: the clinical presentation of tonsillitis is the same as pharyngitis. It will present with sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever, cough, hoarseness of voice. In addition, this child might...

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