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Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver


Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver is best alternative because,In this modern lifestyle we do not care about our daily health so we get many types of problems in our body and cause illness and other problems one of which is fatty liver.


Ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver-

Fatty liver or steatosis refers to the condition in which excess fat gets accumulated in the liver and causes the liver to dysfunction. Some percentage of fat in the liver is normal but if it gets beyond the range of 5 to 10 percent, then it is surely a cause of serious problems.


Such a condition needs treatment and if fatty liver is not treated on time, it can lead to liver cirrhosis or cancer. So, signs and symptoms of fatty liver should be looked seriously.

Some of the common symptoms of fatty liver

pain in the abdomen, weight loose, swelling in the foot, jaundice, and inflammation of the liver. 


Person,who suffers from these symptoms is showing the sign of fatty liver. But the good news is that it can be treated. There are medicines in Ayurveda,and allopathy for fatty liver and if one talks about Ayurveda, it treats fatty liver with natural herbs. 
Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver

1. Fatty liver and Pitta Imbalance.


It believes that when there is any imbalance in these energies, dosha (disease) affects the body. According to Ayurveda, pitta is related to the metabolic system of the human body, which governs ingestion, digestion, and excretion. 


The liver, being a part of the metabolic system, is further related to pitta and this is why, when the pitta gets aggravated, the liver becomes diseased and starts to dysfunction. Ayurveda says that pitta imbalance is responsible for fatty liver.


In ayurvedic study liver is known as” Pitta”. For Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver, when toxins begin to deposite and built up in the liver, the liver has to work extra hard and this causes inflammation, and leading to liver problems. So, Ayurvedic medicine try to balance this imbalance through herbal medicines .


It is also free from side effects with permanent relief. But the patient undergoing Ayurvedic treatment has to be mindful of their lifestyle and eating habits. In the case of fatty liver, Ayurveda prohibits  drink alcohol, smoking, and spicy and oily food. So, the patient should avoid these foods and regular exercise should be done.


These food items should not be taken by the patient during the treatment duration. Otherwise, the effect of the medicines will get nullified. Person who goes for Ayurvedic treatment should follow the diet and lifestyle is a part of the treatment process.


Only in mild fatty liver please take simple TRIPHALA, avoid fatty food in your diet and exercise regularly. For grade 2 and grade 3 fatty liver, please take proper treatment under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor.


Fat in the liver is very dangerous for type 2 diabetes.liver cells get damaged and causes liver cancer then  liver biopsy will be the only option.


Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for liver?


Ayurvedic Practitioner prefer to treat non- alcoholic fatty liver treatment 
1– Arogyavarghini Vati -2 TABLETS


2-Triphala Guggulu-2 TABLETS




What is the best herb for fatty liver?


3-Punarnavadi Mandur-helps in the management of fatty liver especially  people with low hemoglobin
4-Chandraprabha Vati


5-Arjuna powder.


Body weight to be watched carefully.some of the blood tests are there which help in treatment of simple fatty liver and imaging tests are also common nowadays.


In the last if this ayurvedic medicine and allopathy medicine not work in fatty liver treatment then liver transplantation is the option.

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