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BURN IN KIDS is  one of the commonest emergencies handled by the General Practitioner. Anxious parents rush with their child to the nearest clinic and they want immediate attention of the doctor. Such patient should be examined first in preference to the other patients because it will relieve the anxiety of the parents.

 Excessive heat causes coagulative necrosis of the skin and soft tissue. Most of the times, burns are due to accidental contact with hot articles- for example hot liquids (boiling water, milk, tea, oil) hot solids (hot iron plate, coal) combustible material (crackers). Burns may be due to electric shock or direct contact with fire. Burns injury caused by moist heat (steam) is called as scalds.

Examination of BURNS IN KIDS

When the child with the history of burns is brought for the first time, see the general condition: That is pulse, respiration, consciousness. If general condition is poor hospitalize the child. If the general condition is good, clean the affected area with distilled water or with diluted Savlon solution. Judge the degree and the percentage of burns. Depending upon the thickness of the skin involved, the burns are classed as follow:




1. Ist Degree burns: Only Epidermis is involved.
2. IInd Degree burns: Epidermis and part of dermis are involved but dermal appendages are spared.
3. IIIrd Degree burns: The entire thickness of skin is involved. Percentage of burns: This can be roughly estimated by rule of  9.

However children  percentage of surface area of head and neck than in adults Depending upon the degree and percentage of bums decide about the hospitalization of the child.

 Indications for Hospitalization for BURNS IN KIDS

1) Burns over 15%
2) Significant burns injury involving face, eyes, major joints, hands, feet and perineum
3) All burns with inhalation injury
4) Burns with high voltage electric current
5) Burns associated with fracture or major trauma
6) Burns with associated diseases such as bronchial asthma, epilep- sy, and septicemia

Treatment of BURNS IN KIDS

Local treatment: Clean the wound with Savlon. If vesicles are formed puncture them and peel off the loose skin, some doctors prefer to keep the vesicles intact but in that case there is a chance of getting the vesicles

infected through the superficial layers of the surrounding skin. After cleaning the wound thorough- ly smear it with thick layer of oint- ment. Silver sulfadiazine. It is better to keep wound open because open method is painless, convenient and equally successful. If patient insists then do dressing with sterile gauze piece. If there are crust formations, remove it on 4th day.

 General Management of BURNS IN KIDS

Inj. Tetanus toxoid 0.5 ml intra mus- cular: On 1st Day. Analgesic: Paracetamol 30-40 mg/kg/ Syr. day OR Syr. Ibuprofen 10-15 mg/kg/day Antibiotic: Syr. Amoxycillin 20-40 mg/kg/day for 5 to 7 days OR Syr. Ampicillin 50 mg/kg/day for 5 to 7 days.

You should follow the rules and guidlines regulated by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) FOR BETTER TREATMENT OF BURNS IN KIDS ,because burn can be of any grade and proper treatment can only save kids life, If any mistake  or unproper treatment take place or grade of fever is typical and most of skin and tissue is dead or  burned then it can be very risky ,so in case of burn move toward surgen doctor and seek for urgent medical help,do not try to consult any MD doctor in this case.

You can also contact pedia doctor or bal rog chikitsa for better treatment


NOTE- Do not follow any treatment And medicine  provided here ,please consult nearest hospital and talk to your doctor.This artical is only for knowledge purpose.


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