Medical Emergency Reasons

medical emergency reasons
Medical Emergency Reasons are as follows: (1) Medical Emergency like accidents, poisonings or burns recognized as "urgent" by everybody. (2) Amongst medical emergency- there are some which are recognized by everybody but others are not. The following conditions are recognized as urgent. (a) when a patient has passed a lot of blood in the vomit, sputum, through...

Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms

Sudden Chest Pain:Cause and Symptoms
1)The "severity" of chest pain is less" important in the diagnosis of "serious" condition. Thus shooting pains" in a "tiny" area asting for a few seconds are quite common in many normal people and have no apparent cause. (2) The common pain felt by young men and women "over the heart" is more often due...

Diseases of Respiratory System in Kids

Diseases of Respiratory System
  Diseases of respiratory system are quite common during any pediatric oe group. These diseases include common cold, upper respiratory tract infection, primary complex, pronchiolitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and forelgn body in respiratory tract leading to various complications. In children most of the time otitis media is due to complication of upper respiratory tract...

Amebic Dysentery Treatment

Amebic Dysentery
Amebic Dysentery Amebic Dysentery shows Loose motions: 6 to 8 times, semisolid, copious, dark red in color, with mucus and blood. It has got offensive smell. Along with this the child may have low grade fever, abdominal cramps and tenesmus. Life cycle Matured infected cysts are swallowed along with contaminated food or water. These cysts reach...

Bronchial Asthma in kids

Bronchial Asthma in kids Bronchial Asthma in kids is one of the chronic diseases which affects the activity and growth of the hild. Repeated attacks of the illness cause lot of anxiety for the parents. This makes them to seek opinion of many doctors because they want dramatic relief in the present attack. They also...


CONVULSIONS IN KIDS Convulsions in kids is included first in the list of pediatric emergencies because it is one of the commonest emergencies which a General Practitioner has to tackle. Since he is easily contactable the child is brought to him either during the convulsions or immediately after the convulsions. In such cases parents are most...


MALARIA IN KIDS- MALARIA IN KIDS  fever (cold stage, hot stage and sweating stage) is not commonly seen, the incidence of malaria is quite high in children. Every time it may not be possible to prove the diagnosis clinically or by laboratory investigation. Response to antimalarial treatment dramatic in some of the cases of fever not...

Chicken Pox in Pediatric age

  Chicken Pox in Pediatric age:   Chicken Pox in Pediatric age is Common infectious disease.Epidemic may occur in thickly populated area during January to March. Recovery in children is quite fast as compared to adults. Incidence of complication is also less in children. Causative Organism: Varicella Zoster virus Mode of Transmission: Droplet spread, direct contact Incubation Period: 14 to...

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver

  Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty liver is best alternative because,In this modern lifestyle we do not care about our daily health so we get many types of problems in our body and cause illness and other problems one of which is fatty liver.   Ayurvedic treatment for fatty liver- Fatty liver or steatosis refers to the condition in...

Tulsi Drop- Advance treatment method

Tulsi Drop -Ayurvedic herbs, the ancient Indian medicine, has been used to treat cold and flu symptoms, which are similar to symptoms of the  corona virus infection that has killed manypeoples and affected more than 7,600 people in China and other countries. Without  cure or proper treatment for the life taking respiratory illness caused by...

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