Vitamin deficiencies in children

Vitamine deficiencies in children
Vitamin deficiencies in children    Deficiency state            _         Symptoms and signs    Vitamin A deficiencies in children                        Night blindness, bitot spots on scleral conjunctiva (chalky-grey spots on the temporal side of corneoscleral junction), xerophthalmia, and keratomalacia. Toad-like skin due to follicular...


CONVULSIONS IN KIDS Convulsions in kids is included first in the list of pediatric emergencies because it is one of the commonest emergencies which a General Practitioner has to tackle. Since he is easily contactable the child is brought to him either during the convulsions or immediately after the convulsions. In such cases parents are most...

Fungal Infections In Kids and Treatment

fungal infections in kids
FUNGAL INFECTIONS Is commonly found in adults, it is not uncommon in children. Many a time it occurs mainly because of over use of antibiotic: Monilial super infection-(oral thrush). Common fungal infections are candidiasis, ringworm infection and Tinea versicolor. The child may be brought only for the symptoms of skin disease or for symptoms of skin...

Ayurvedic herbs

 Ayurvedic Herbs Ayurvedic herbs or medicine has been around for centuries and originated in India. It's based on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must be in balance in order to prevent illness.  Ayurvedic Doshas Any list of Ayurvedic herbs is substantial and must be broken down by doshas, the three distinct mind-body types in Ayurvedic medicine. You'll...

Infectious disease in Child

Infectious disease in Child Infectious disease in child is the disease resulted from the entry and multiplication of infectious agent in the body of human being. The infectious agent could be a virus or a bacteria or a parasite. Common viral infectious diseases in pediatric age group are Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Viral Hep- atitis, Influenza...

Diseases of Respiratory System in Kids

Diseases of Respiratory System
  Diseases of respiratory system are quite common during any pediatric oe group. These diseases include common cold, upper respiratory tract infection, primary complex, pronchiolitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and forelgn body in respiratory tract leading to various complications. In children most of the time otitis media is due to complication of upper respiratory tract...

Management of Bronchiolitis in Pediatrics

Bronchiolitis in Pediatrics is a common respiratory tract infection below 2 years. The peak incidence is observed in children around 6 months and that months. too during winter and early spring months Causative Organisms of Bronchiolitis in pediatrics In majority of cases the causative organism is respiratory syncytial virus. Other causative organisms are influenza virus, para influenza...


COMMON COLD IN PEDIATRC AGE GROUP is the common complaint . In majority of cases it is due to viral infection (common cold) like influenza, para influenza.   COMMON COLD IN PEDIATRC AGE GROUP Predisposing Factors Sudden change in climate, overcrowd- ing, increased susceptibility during the epidemic of viral infection like influenza. SYMPTOMS OF COMMON COLD IN PEDIATRC...

Amebic Dysentery Treatment

Amebic Dysentery
Amebic Dysentery Amebic Dysentery shows Loose motions: 6 to 8 times, semisolid, copious, dark red in color, with mucus and blood. It has got offensive smell. Along with this the child may have low grade fever, abdominal cramps and tenesmus. Life cycle Matured infected cysts are swallowed along with contaminated food or water. These cysts reach...

Bronchial Asthma in kids

Bronchial Asthma in kids Bronchial Asthma in kids is one of the chronic diseases which affects the activity and growth of the hild. Repeated attacks of the illness cause lot of anxiety for the parents. This makes them to seek opinion of many doctors because they want dramatic relief in the present attack. They also...

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